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White Supremacy in Oregon

 I took a short class on the early history of Oregon, ‘White Supremacy”.  When Oregon was admitted into the union it came as a “White Only” state.  Non-white people were banned from the state.  Here is an Oregon History Timeline.

This of course ignored the sizable native American population that was in the state long before the settlers, 200,000 in 1800.

In the 1920’s the KKK was very active in Oregon helping to elect a governor and passing laws.  With so few African American’s in Oregon the Klan focused on the Catholics.  Below is a photo from a Klan march in Ashland, Oregon in southern Oregon in 1920.

Ku Klux Klan parade Ashland, Oregon.

The discrimination against Chinese, Japanese and African Americans has a long history in Oregon and Portland.  It was especially focused on housing and of course economic opportunity.

The history here really runs counter to what many perceive as a liberal city, Portland.