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Villa Romana del Casale

This was a Roman Villa constructed between 300 and 400 AD.  There is only speculation on who it was built for or who occupied it, a Roman governor perhaps, a summer or winter home for the emperor.  The Villa is build at the foot of a mountain, There are geothermal warm baths.  There are both public and private baths and latrines (seats carved in stone).  A stream runs through the site and carries waste to the river.  The area around the Villa is rich agricultural land and it is still working farm land.


Here is a larger PDF of the Site  villa_romano

The highlight of the Villa are the murals, over 4,000 square feet of murals.  The materials and probably the workers/artist for the murals were from North Africa. The murals were preserved because there was a landslide that covered the site in the 12th Century and it was not really excavated until the 1940’s and later.  

Now the Villa is a World Heritage site and the murals are protected with a roof covering.  It is a large complex and there is still more to excavate.

I read about this site before the trip and read about the “Bikini Girls” and I was excited to see the Italian girls in the mosaics. So it wasn’t a Frenchman who was the first to create the bikini.

The mosaics are extensive at the Villa.  But the size and layout of the Villa was impressive and there is still more to uncover. We could have spent more time there.  And I would like to go back there.

Tony my alter-ego who lived when the Roman Republic was falling also I imagine lived here at the Villla.  You can see his face in the stone here.

While Tony is watching the fall and crash of the Republic he develops his skills as an observer, writer and artist.  My identity in our time as the American Empire falls will merge with Tonys until Michael will be the alter-ego. Tony will be the one who moves into old age.  “Win or lose you have to feel like you put up a good fight”, Tony.  While I can’t claim riches I can answer the pleas of my community by showing up and being present. 

Really interesting architecture, the way the rooms were configured here it seemed organic, like something alive.

Check out the Villa Romana and other ancient sites in this slideshow: