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Syracusa Church

The church was on an impressive expansive Piazza, paved in beige marble, with buildings and cafes all around it.  We walked up the steps of the church, lions on both sides of the steps and inside and we sat and heard about the history of the church.

Byzantine apses, a Norman font, a medieval ceiling, and Baroque facade attest to the stamp others have put on this building since it was converted to a church in 700 AD.  

Then our gaze was directed to the Greek columns that were visible from inside the church.  I felt something run down my spine, the church was build on a Greek Temple, plain to see the Greek columns still there and part of the structure.  The Temple was built in 500 BC.  At one time it had a gold medallion on the roof and sailors could see it reflecting the sun as they approached the city.  Cicero visited this temple and wrote about it.  Here we were standing in the same church 2500 years later, the history here in stone screams.