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Ballaro Market

The Ballaro Market- A daily food market in existence for over a thousand years!  I love the sounds of the market as well as the visuals.

The beauty of the Market to me is the one on one with someone, the people selling the cucumbers, the onions, the fish, the cheese.  There is no Walmarts in Palermo.  If you want some inexpensive shoes of unknown origin you buy it from a person at the market. While you may be able to find this shoe in a Walmarts, you would have lost the person to person in purchasing it.

The fish sellers had a huge variety.  I could imagine having a regular spot where I bought fish knowing the merchant and getting the freshest that he had on any give day.  It seemed like that kind of place.  The tour group of course was just wandering through absent any relationships.  Therefore it is an audio/visual experience for the tour group.

But then think of this institution through time, back to 900 AD and to the present and the lives and relationships it has seen.  I could imagine a kind of collection of the stories from the Market, 101 stories covering the breathe of human interaction dramatic moments.  In this way the Market takes on a life of its own, a human artifact and a thing of beauty.

Ballaro Market
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