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Sicilia Storia

It was a trip I had dreamed about taking for a couple of years.  A tour of Sicily, seeing the island with a tour group.  I studied the itinerary and thought about the best time of year for the visit.  In Spring 2016 I put down the deposit.  Gabriela and I arrived in Palermo, Italy on October 2nd.  The tour began on my sixty-eighth birthday, October 4th.

As the tour progressed the stories developed; audio/visual, slideshows dreams, history, stories, fictions, tales, packing up the bag again, narrations.  After the tour these stores kept coming as I read more about the history of the island.  I have collected some of these assorted storia here.

I couldn’t decide how to title this piece, each of these four words convey story in Italian and each has meaning that resonates for me.

(The definitions follow each and seem to relate to one or more of the stories found here).

Sicilia Invenzione- Invention, fiction, fabrication, contrivance, figment, story, lie, makeup

Sicilia Storia- history, story, excuse, business, affair, tale, yarn, fib

Sicilia Racconto- story, tale, short story, romance, novelette, yarn tell, relate, recount

Sicilia Narrazione- Narrative, narration, story, account, telling, tale


Click on the links below for the stories.


Ballaro Market


Cinquecerto in Search of an Original

Conte Federico

Trapani Salt

Jesus Floats

Syracusa Church

Villa Romana del Casale

Temples, Theatres & Ruins

Cattedrale di Montreale