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The Small Beach

Today on a small beach I saw the ocean waves pounding the shore, wave upon wave upon wave. I put my finger in the fine black sand these waves, over thousands of years, had produced at waters edge. Farther up on the beach where I walked there were small lava rocks and farther up from the beach was the solid, black glass like lava I could walk over.  When my fingers touched this lava I was walking over, it felt like sharp glass.

Here I could see the effects, of wave on lava rocks, the effects of geological time on this little beach, solid rock lava ground down to fine black sand.  The whole process was right in front of me. I saw/heard the waves pounding the shore. Seeing this, hearing this I thought about time in a different way.

Here on this island, on this small beach, I see how my lifetime fits into a geologic time frame.  My birth, life, death like one note in a grand geological symphony being played over the millennial on planet earth.  The volcano raised this land from the ocean floor spilling lava over this land. The wind, rain and pounding surf created the rich soil. The first humans landed here a few moments ago in geologic time.  I have seen the pahoehoe and aa lava as it transitions from black rock to lush tropical forest. While these transitions take place over thousands and hundreds of thousand years, I see the past work so clearly here and my comfortable place in this earth symphony.

Check out the video!