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The Powells Memoir

A personal memoir by Michael Cannarella

It is not my purpose in writing this memoir to give an exhaustive account of the Powells organizing campaign.  Rather my goal is to write a personal memoir, some snapshots of the times and of the events, as I remember them from twenty years out. This was a rewarding and stressful time for me from October 1998 until September 2000.  If you are a fact checker, please indulge me and understand I have not purposefully attempted to mislead nor to degenerate anyone.  

I was privileged to be the lead organizer for the Powells Organizing campaign.  I received a tremendous amount of support in this work from many, far too many to mention here in a personal memoir.  Here are my “snapshots” from the campaign, placed in chronological order.  

Over the years I have written fiction stories loosely based upon these memories and events.  Where it seemed appropriate I have provided a link to these fictions, as a way of adding more depth, another dimension to this memoir.


Worker’s Organizing Committee

Anne Hughes Coffee

3/12/99 NLRB Filing

4/22/99 Vote Count

10/27/99 ULP Strike

2/14/00 Valentine’s Day

2/16/00 Strike: Beepers going off

Negotiations: Oregon’s Minimum Wage

Delivering the Pizza

3/17/00 St. Patrick’s Day

Willamette Week: Nigel Jacquist

Oregonian Editorial Board: Bob Caldwell

Late April 2000- Lunch with the First Precinct Commander

5/01/00 May Day

Late May 2000 Meeting

June 2000: Worker’s Rights Board

8/01/2000 Tentative Agreement

The Allegations Against Me

Fiction Stories