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The Hilton and Vacation Homes

The fancy resorts on the coast were created beginning in 1974 on Parker Ranch lands.  The lava fields there are from a 1801 eruption. Driving into these resorts you can’t help but be amazed at the transformation.  Black hard lava rock now with grass, golf courses, condos, beautiful landscaping.

Here is a link to this Hilton Resort

Walking through the Hilton Resort at Waikoloa Village and then riding out the road to the highway #19 on the Big Island I saw condo buildings, one after another, Building #22, Building #21, a mile long road of condos with palm and grass landscaping where there was once black lava, an incredible capital investment.  Many of the buildings seemed less than half occupied. The same question I had when we visited Scottsdale, Arizona. Why are the resources of this culture so unevenly distributed?

What you can easily see here in Hawaii  is a very rich culture. Yet, there are homeless people, hungry children, many people in need, AND, people who have the resources to purchase a second residence they often leave empty.  Why? Why are the resources so unevenly distributed? While it may not occur to many to ask this question, I feel certain a future historian, archeologist or cultural anthropologist will ask this question.  Why weren’t we able to share these incredibly rich resources. This is a sad epitaph for our culture. It is highlighted here in Hawaii and so visible with the mega resorts.