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Happy Birthday Gabriela

It was a BIG birthday 8/6/17 for Gabriela.

August 6th was a Sunday, and a significant birthday for Gabriela.  We decided it was a day to go to the beach and possible spend the night if we could find a room at the last minute in high season at Cannon Beach.  Gabriela drove right to Stephanie’s Inn a place she had always wanted to stay but had never stayed.  The Inn had one Suite available for the night and we took it with the promise it would be ready by 4 PM.  The room included wine and horderves at 4 PM and a buffet breakfast the next morning.  We made reservations for dinner in the dining room that evening.

Then we headed to the beach.  Long walks on the beach is a tradition for us.  It was cool but pleasant, with a mild breeze on the beach.  There were families, dogs, and all sizes of people on the beach near the large hotels.  Farther down the beach we saw mostly birds.  The tide was fairly high and the clouds gave subdued grey light.

Back at the Inn we found out our room was ready, but we decided to walk the other direction down the beach to town before we bought our overnight bags up to the room  Children, dogs, people were all enjoying the mild afternoon on the beach.  I was getting weary but we kept walking and got to town and the familiar shops; beautiful flowers, the smell of pastry, ice cream and saltwater taffy and sidewalks jammed.  We took a street along the waterfront to head back to the Inn.  By now I was tired, shoes filled with sand and ready to sit.

The room was actually two rooms, a living room kitchen and a bedroom with a king bed and silky microfiber sheets.  We had a long balcony outside our rooms that had a couple of chairs with an ocean view.  I drank a bottle of water and sat with my barefeet up.  It was almost time for our afternoon wine/beer and horderves.  

After a rest we went to dinner and had a couple of nice salads and crabcakes that were delicious.  Our after dinner treat was a chocolate sponge cake with a candle in honor of Gabriela’s birthday.

I won’t go into the details about the two person jacuzzi and the huge shower we enjoyed later in the evening.  It was a very pleasant, restful stay in a quiet room at the beach.  The next morning the breakfast buffet offered more than anyone could expect or hope to eat and enjoy and provided the fuel for the rest of the day until evening when we were home for dinner.