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Transitioning to Retirement

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The transition to retirement continues to move, my bout of illness has opened new avenues, the morning has changed balancing energy with stress reduction with work and recovery.  I guess as a balance point the space between the comfort of routine and the eye-opening change when routine is broken.  I do feel more creative energy with a change of routine.  The other big win from my perspective is time with fewer constraints.  Even with the routine writing in the diary, I feel a great relief when I have plenty of time to write and the clock is not pushing me.  

The other thing I have learned is that what is going on inside me is in part a reflection on my mental state.  The stress reduction for me, managing the Crohn’s, the mental part, reduction in stress is as important as what is going on inside my intestine or colon.  

I can see that my preference is to NOT leave the house early in the morning, except to maybe walk.  Even then my strong preference is to walk in the daylight, no flash lights!

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