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This Thankful Animal

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This morning laying in bed thinking about the animal, me, on this rock, earth, and the very long odds of me being here.  The chance of these chemicals coming together in a way that gives me a life and this awareness of life are astounding small.  And yet here I am laying here in bed.  All this and in addition the gift of this awareness and the imagination to wonder how this could have happened.

This animal lying in a comfortable bed, warm, awakening from a sleep.  Another animal beside me. We are in a cocoon, surrounded by all that our animal species has created.  And I think what an extraordinary story!

I think of all of the “noise” or distractions that keep me from being aware of this amazing gift of life- we have all won the life lottery in this chemical brew that by chance combined in a very particular way in this cold empty universe, on this inconsequential rock orbiting this burning star.

This was no hail mary, there was no chance, it was an unimaginable coincidence and chance event.  And yet here we are!  Living and able to occupy ourselves with a diversity here that is unimaginable.

I get out of bed and make a chemical brew to drink while I write here, while this dawning awareness of this miracle of life fill me. I have the feeling that I should be on my knees, thankful each day for this gift.  So thankful while also aware of what a tiny, tiny infinitesimal piece of this whole my entire existence represents.  I pray and give thanks, and do my best to honor this speck of time I have been gifted here.

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