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The Eclipse

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The Eclipse

The post office is selling eclipse stamps.  When you press your thumb against the round moon with the sun behind it the dark moon turns into an outline of north and south america.  The first pair of eclipse glasses I got were not sanctioned by the international organization although they had the logo and they had red, white, and blue they were made in China.  I thought of the tendency for capitalist to exploit sometimes in inappropriate ways a new market.  Unsafe eclipse glasses?  And the fact that the capitalist teamed with China.  

Not only is the cold war over, there has been a coup and the capitalist have taken over the three branches of the U.S government.  It stands to reason that they would take over our government first.  The U.S has been the capitalist 800 pound gorilla, the master chef.

So this whole investigation into Russian interference is really off base.  It was the capitalist in Russia making a big deal the the capitalist in the United States.  Russia and the U.S. are really meaningless appendages, geographic based antiques from another era.

Given what I perceive as the hype and hysteria surrounding the eclipse I recoil from the information bombs.  That said I have a good pair of eclipse glasses.  They have the international symbol and the required numbers.  I have a few tentative plans of where I might be on the eclipse day.  I have talked to others about the local forecast for that day and I have thought about where best I might go to witness it.  It just occurred to me that a good spot to witness might be on the Tillicum bridge.  I could take a picture from the bridge if I had a filter which I don’t have.  And so I weigh is it really worth seeing if I can’t take a picture of it?

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