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Ocean Ode

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The ocean is calming to me.  In many ways helpful in accepting death.   It represents for me a certain continuity that in our always changing world is comforting.  For me this recalls my feelings upon a return to Cocoa Beach a few years ago.

The changelessness of this place, surf upon the sand I find very comforting.  Comforting to see, hear, in my almost seventy years here, these things that have not changed.  And to know that when I am gone these things will remain. That is comforting.

I think of myself, coming from ashes and returning to ashes. And this time here a gift.  An amazing gift!.  Now I have entered into a time, my retirement, that has freed up more time for new experiences, such as this moment at Cannon Beach.  Here, in late August on a sunny day, I am feeling so thankful for this day that I have been given.

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