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Looking for the Oranges

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Looking for Orange trees, orange groves, can’t see them.  Makes me wonder where all of this orange juice is coming from.  Of course when I was growing up they weren’t picking them all.  But the Florida that I knew was a housing development next to an orange grove.  Sometimes there was an orange tree left in the backyard of the house.

Of course the orange story I really want to tell is going into the orange grove near home and eating oranges and not liking the stickey juice on my arm to my elbow but it was the price to pay for the pleasure of the fruit.  It was worth it for the juice.  The fruit off the tree had not been beautified with artificial color.  The story is going into the orange grove and throwing oranges high in the air with the aim of landing on the hood or trunk of a car on the nearby street.  When there was a direct hit I remember running from the orange grove and using the lines of trees as a protection,just in case someone was paying attention.

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