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How to live a long life

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Today I got the message.  I went to the gym for my work/out and swim.  After my swim I get in the hot tub. It feels good after a swim.  There is a water aerobics class in the exercise pool that had finished and some of the ladies went to the hot tub after the class.  There were four women talking in ear shot as I settled into the hot tub. Were they talking about voter suppression in Georgia, North Dakota and other voter suppression actions?  You could move the polling place and then send out a notice with the wrong address for the new polling place, and see what that does for turnout.

No these ladies were not talking about that or about the unsecured iphone conversations the president is making.  No, no and there was no ballot measures talk here either. The talk was about the grandkids and about who is visiting for the holidays.  The talk was about the new recipe that one woman had found and really liked. The conversation was very congenial. The secret of “How to live a long life”.  I got it!

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