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Happy New Year

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Winding down the hours of this year.  Yes it is an arbitrary division, one year to another, some say another decade. How will future beings count time?  I guess I am assuming the next extinction is on the way. And how will we be seen? It’s embarrassing that we couldn’t stop it from happening.  Culture is such a powerful force. I see it now as on a continuum. The consensus that holds us together is bound to fail at some point. The rules don’t apply and entropy, chaos and the ability to hold large groups together fails.  

I don’t pretend to know what happens next.  It does reinforce my idea that the U.S. will break up,  The consensus stories will seek smaller groups with a better ability to govern and address needs.  I don’t know where it goes from there, even smaller groups, tribes. Don’t know what that dude will look like or how they will act.  What stories do they tell and believe? I can picture cells of folks set off from others, blocking out the “others”, feeling distinct from the “others”, tribes.  The tribe has rigid and prescribed information sources all others banned.   

I see people living indoors, maybe underground as the atmosphere becomes more hostile. Going out except on rare days would be due to necessity, to repair the windmill for instance.  The future infrastructure is built around producing food. At that future time, the food is nutritious and called a “resource” transfer. The days of outside food are gone. Most people then living don’t remember when food could be grown outside and when it had a value and variety more than todays “resource”.   There is no set time, for eating, no communal aspect to “resource”. It can be taken at any time. Each person is given their daily allocation according to need and age. So each can take it whenever they like. These new people are smaller, agile, they are working in smaller spaces. There is less living space below.

As I have said before there is a certain excitement in watching this climate change happen in such a short time span, a lifetime.  Change would normally be stretched over lifetimes and one lifetime would hardly notice or register a change. We have collected weather records, created data for comparing one year to another or years over time.  These changes are well documented. A few years ago I realized that cultures that fail, are aware of their failing, it is not without knowledge that they follow a self destructive path. It wasn’t that they didn’t know.  But they were unable to correct the imbalance, they went down!

I am seventy one years old and so I don’t see myself as being here for a lifetime, rather some years.  Which leads to a consideration of death and dying. How do I relate to that? I have on my list to make a contract with the cremation authorities and set up a contract for my own ashes.

I keep coming back to my own creative efforts, my writings, photography.  While the culture fails the arts flourish. People seek self expression in these times.  When so much is being said, chaos, we all have something to share.  

Whenever I do my culture, empire “going down” assessment I feel a bit guilty, fear that I will be labeled a pessimist.  I don’t think of myself in that way at all. But now that I think of it, I always see the positive side. These are exciting times, patterns and norms are being broken, yes and.there is an unpredictable element that runs throughout our culture.

So here we are now 2020!

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