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Friday Afternoon

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Friday afternoon.  These afternoons will have a new meaning in just a few weeks.  What will it mean when it is not the end of a week on the job?  Surely, the end of a work week but not the have to regimented job week.  Will I be one of those people who forget what day of the week it is?  Perhaps, but probably not for a while.

Friday afternoon has had a special meaning for me for quite a long time.  It gets to that place, the working class guy that I am.  Today I wrote a grievance, creative writing yet from a place in my heart.  This place, the heart, is always part of the narrative and it is the creative place for me.  And perhaps that is something that I will miss when no longer on this job.  I will miss doing what I can in little ways to make things better for individuals I am sure and I will look for ways and places to continue that work.

At the same time I feel like I would like to pilot a new course and let more of my ideas become material. Thinking about it I want to script it at times and at other times I want no script, no pattern.  So I am anticipating a period of adjustment.  What will happen over the course of a day, a week, month. That I will find out.  I also want to think about doing some travel, time away from home. More freedom to travel.  

Florida in December is my first trip and it is for almost a month. How about shorter trips to places like Seattle, or San Francisco.  And longer trips to Europe, Palermo, these are dreams at this point.  But having that freedom will be very nice.

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