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It is hard to divorce myself from the politics and the things I have no control over.  I would be happier if I could or did.  I have a lot of avenues for self expression and ideas for projects and this is where my energy should go.  I support the “weather” is a good test of that too.  Nothing I can do about it except adapt.  And I have adapted.  We have adapted well and so I guess I need more faith in my and our ability to “weather” this environment in this broadest sense.  Lower the anxiety level-have Faith.

Does it all come back to faith?  Is that what we, in all of our individual ways wrestle with?  I guess I have identified the intersection of where lowering the worry and stress level meets actions.  I need to stock up on faith and be aware of the track record, that of adaption I have exercised over a lifetime.  Adapt, adapt, whether I am aware of it or not, this is the story.  And it is an impressive story of adaptation.  I draw my faith from this fact.  So I and we, Gabriela and I will meet the challenges.  

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