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Communique #4

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Watching the sky this evening, wind moving the trees.  Out the window, watching the movement of the evergreen limbs in motion.  Are they moving in a different way? Has the pandemic changed this movement, the motion of the limbs?  I wonder. Yes, it is nonsensical and yet, . . . I study the trees, the movement, and am mindful and alert to detect the change.  While watching my mantra comes to me, “We are ALL in this together”.

And if there is an omnipresent power acting as director, it would be a fine time for this enormous teaching moment.  We are ALL in this together and if we can flatten the curve of the virus, we could flatten the curve of the climate crisis.  Because we are ALL in this together.

And yet, I can see that this could all spin down into chaos.  I see both sides. I am pulled to the positive, hopeful side while fully acknowledging the dark possibilities.  My strong suit here I feel is that I am seventy-one years old. Even with the worst projections I would still have lived a full life, and I am so thankful for that.

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