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Communique #1

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On the trip from Hawaii home I’m sitting in a window seat looking at clouds, above the clouds, I think of what an accident it is that we are so fortunate to be here, we humans.  I am floating above the clouds looking down on earth. 

It is really impossible to imagine what could have created all of this, beyond my abilities.  I suppose the religions of the world represent what humans have imagined. All of which, in my mind falls short.  The patterns of these clouds tell me this. I can accept that it is beyond my imagination to understand. And if there is one who can grasp and imagine it ALL, I’ll give that super being the name God.  I am not at all sure there is that one. So I try to imagine some benign force at work here.

The cloud formations remind me of ice formation in water, irregular patterns and lines with open blue water.  These clouds also have thickness.

The trip home.  And all that it means to me, HOME, out the window I realize it is not just Portland, as meaningful as it is to me.  I see it as our HOME planet.

I think about how petty and selfish humans can be and to think that we, mammals, are impacting the planet and all other life here.  Supremely arrogant!

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