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All Electric!

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Who would have thought I would be driving in an electric car today around town and plugging it in when I got home, to fill the tank for tomorrow.  I have yet to grasp this electric fact totally.  Yes, limited range but good for almost all of my driving trips.

Here are some glamor shots of the car.

I think of the Market Street shuffle, cars down the street, changing lanes, as it shifts and redirects in its route through town, like a dance on the way to the gym. I am familiar with this dance, a common route to town for me.  The electric car responds in a different way, feeling more responsive than the combustion type that we all have gotten so used to driving.  I feel confident that if one was going from electric to gas, you would feel that difference in responsiveness, the delay of the combustion engine compared to electric.

So driving down the boulevard on a November day with some sun.  And doing all of my errands today without a drop of gasoline, using two recharge stations one at PDX and one at the gym a totally new experience on a day when it rained almost all day.

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