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9/8/17 Cool Down

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When the temperatures are more moderate, life is easier for me.  The really poor air quality got just about everyone.  It was disruptive.  An offense that we don’t frequently experience.  Memorable scenes on the freeway driving through the poor quality air.  I was going to the pool, indoors to get the workout driving through the smog as thick as I have ever seen it here.  Of course while driving you think about what you are contributing to the smog.  You are surrounded by others doing the same thing.  It doesn’t seem so bad when you are surrounded by others doing the same thing.  We are all important people with things to do.  More than one remembered the ash from the mountain that rained down on Portland, Mt St. Helens.  

Finally some air from the coast, the heavy moist air slowly infiltrates the valley.  The environment yields to more moderate temperatures.  It feels like life has slowed down a bit.  I guess that is the secret.  Just try to slow things down so that there is something besides the next thing.

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