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Fifty Years Ago Today

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Wondering how it could have been fifty years ago I was preparing to leave the U.S. for Canada.  Fifty years, no wonder I can’t get back into the head of that nineteen year old. Still, in my mind, the political environment today has some similarities, a politically polarized country.  It seemed to me then, Vietnam, a war for Capitalism. And now it seems to be a war against democratic institutions, a war of words, alternative facts, the “relative” truth of the moment. Each day a struggle for truth and what to believe.

‘The lines they are drawn, the curse it is cast’.  Today, not Dylan but the talk show comedians, SNL are our poets, digesting, synthesizing, shrinking the data explosion and mountain of words and alternative facts to something that can tickle or ease one to sleep.

Yes, there is something that YOU can do.  We are told in so many ways, it is in the air I breathe and yet we are observers with our fingers on our preferred sources.  On good nights I dream of the “blue wave” and so want to believe in the goodness of others, the majority? Will it come like the spring, so slowly and one day here?  Will we know when the votes are counted in November? Will it happen with a rush like a the comeback in the bottom of the ninth, the walk-off?

Don’t know what I thought fifty years ago. The Canada solution?  I think now and dwell on the last few laps at the pool, tired, but the good fight, the struggle is important.  And then I finish, but I know It is not the end. I will be back in the pool another day swimming those last few laps, struggling.  This is my state of the union and my fifty year memoir and celebration. Tomorrow, fifty years later, I leave, seems like I’m running in place, for the metaphoric Canada.

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