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4/12/17 3:07 PM Ford Food Cafe

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An afternoon with grey skies but windows all around, a cup of coffee, a sweet, nothing could be better.  I don’t need to be anywhere else for a while and no need to talk to anyone.  There is a little sun.  Traffic moves outside signaling purposefulness, making my quiet  lack of purposefulness all the more delicious (in the cafe).  Well, there are people here acting busy at computers.  The wifi carries them somewhere else.

I am here in a chair, some crumbs on the table, the napkin wrinkled on the saucer.  The windows reflections in the coffee are dancing.  Some music fills part of the space and mixes with human voices on a back channel.

The urban coordinates, 11th and Division Ford Food.  And why not this moment? 3:07 PM, this time and this place recorded.  What I am advocating with this aesthetic is an appreciation of the here and now, no drama.  This has been in my creative thought for some time.  The idea of living in a theatre and people paying to watch me live is a distant thought I have entertained.  Today, the “Day in the Life” website and the pdxstreetcar moments along the same chain of thought.

The idea being that there is drama in any moment if you are paying attention, if you are present.  So presence is the common thread.  There can never to be too much presence.  So the goal, simply, be here now, not going anywhere else and it is a great relief to let go of the future and past distractions.

NOW! 3:07 PM 11th and Division, 4/12/17 Ford Food.  I have spent time here on the island, just by myself, no drama NOW!

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