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Once again, one more time, in all day with ice on the ground, grounded again this winter!  Already in February and feeling hopeful that this is the last one. The last stay at home day.   It took all day to reach 33 degrees today..  The ice is in a unique roughly square pattern on the patio.  The wind is no longer coming from the East, it is getting wet.

Scour would be too harsh a word but one often used when speaking of the warmer air pushing the cold air out of the valley.  Scouring out the valley. This always seems to take longer than anyone expected, we are welcoming the warm air but it is slow coming.

The Shock and Awe is happening in Washington DC.  It is surprising to me that we seem so suddenly on a downward spiral and the Republic is being flushed.  I didn’t think it would just keep coming after me in different ways.  I thought it would be over with the election.  But now the show is in prime time.  He is directing it like a show.  The President of the United States Show.  Going back to what never was when America was great.

Imagine how he Chileans felt when their elected president was killed.  They would then endure almost two decades of a dictatorship.  The U.S tried to influence the election and then when Allende won the U.S continued to meddle finally supporting a coup and the rise of Augusto Pinochet.

What I think is key is taking in the Arts and participating as they flourish in this time. And I, Tony needs to concentrate on the many creative outlets I have.  What is important is being able to work on things over which I can have some influence.. The stories, websites all forms of expression

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