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11/4/17 The first fireplace evening

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The first fireplace fire of the season.  The last two days have been November Lite-  Near 100% humidity, enough to keep everything outside damp and sprinkles of rain.  I bought a coat for this weather, warmer and moisture resistant, a hood so the threat of rain need not stop me.  This seemed an important purchase now in retirement.  I can go outside most anytime during the day now and I don’t want to be timid about challenging the weather; gloves, a knit hat, water repellant coat, I have all of the gear!

Listening to Ahmad Jamal and his latest, “Marseille” on an evening when we will be gaining a hour, a special night, going off daylight savings time.  I already told the story of traveling from Marquette to Minneapolis on the night of the time change.  I didn’t have to adjust my clock, not many could say that on that night.

I told Gabriela this evening that I was giving retirement four stars.  “Why only four?” She asked.    “I am still learning, I think it can get even better as I fully discover and embrace retirement.”  My reply.  

I feel like I am settling in to this freer time.  I hope to use the Max and Streetcar more for travelling in downtown and to get me out walking.  This is a way I can compensate for having a bad walk score neighborhood. I still have several downtown excursions.

ex·cur·sion ikˈskərZHən


plural noun excursions

  1. a short journey or trip, especially one engaged in as a leisure activity.
  2. trip outing jaunt expedition journey tourroad trip day trip day out side trip drive run ridejunket spin sortie
  3. an instance of the movement of something along a path or through an angle.
    • a deviation from a regular pattern, path, or level of operation.
  4. a digression.
  5. alarum).


I can see why I like the term, best,–                                                                                                            “a deviation from a regular pattern, path, or level of operation.”

This is how I would like to think of my trips out of the house during the week downtown or . . . to lunch with Gabriela, or on my own, a “deviation”.  Later this week we will be going to Detroit on a red eye for a longer excursion, several days.  Not an excursion, I’ll make that distinction more like a trip which will be documented; film, video, audio. An excursion is not as formal as a trip

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