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1-11-17  Last night was a rare snow storm, (I have seen three or four of these in the years I have lived here, since 1978). The “storm” while mild by Marquette, Michigan’s standards but in a city with almost no snow removal, (as you know it must melt) it was an event.  The wind blew, snow fell and we ended with at least a foot of snow, windows with snow in their corners.

Today we walked in the tracts of a few cars that ventured down the street.  A couple of those cars appear to have parked on the street.  Both Gabriela and I fell in an icy spot stop off our feet but no damage. The walk was a vigorous workout but the air was good.  Then it was hunker down, do some reading.  

The light in the house is greater when the ground is snow covered.  The Sun even came out for a brief time today.  I played with my video audio recorder and made a YouTube, tour out the windows of the house.  Tomorrow at the College has already been canceled.  Too much snow to move and more came today in the morning.  We got just above freezing 33 degrees for the high today. I know, no big deal except we don’t have any snow removal service in our neighborhood, Nada. It doesn’t melt very fast as 33 degrees.  Tomorrow is the same.

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