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Scottsdale, Arizona

Thank you John and Adrian for your presentation.  The Capital investment here at the Westin hotel and villas is truly impressive.  And you have shown and highlighted for us the investments worldwide that the Westin has made and plans to make.  I don’t expect Capital to direct their resources to other than where they can make the most money.  The Westin’s goal is to create destination resorts for the top earning 15% of the people in the U.S.  I get that.

I do however expect my government to incentivize Capital, in the richest country in the history of the world in a way that serves the basic needs of everyone.  It seems unconscionable that in our country we have homelessness.  That we have millions of people without health insurance.

If there is a time when the history of the American Empire is written I believe there will be amazement at the wealth and the huge question, why was it not distributed more evenly.  Everyone could have had the basic necessities; food, shelter, health care, education.  I feel a sadness and embarrassment to have lived here in this time, the American Empire, the richest country in the history of the world, and yet we have failed to satisfy the most basic needs for so many people.

Sitting here with you John and Adrian, it is embarrassing to admit that the only explanation for this failure is greed. I wonder is it a reflection on the human species?

John, Adrian, our new President amplifies this failure of our country and species. Your presentation highlights for me this colossal failure to direct Capital in ways that serve everyone’s human necessities.  Rather your presentation serves to direct me home to my community.  I look now more closely at my own community and for the places where I can have some small impact to correct this inequitable distribution of wealth.

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