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Cinquecento in search of an original

Cinquecento Fiat 500

During the entire time I was in Sicily I was on the watch for the old version of the Fiat 500, the Cinquecento.  It was last produced in 1975.  While in Sicily I saw a total of three Cinquecentos.  Only one I was able to photograph.  I considered challenging the whole tour group to be on the lookout for the Cinquecento and that I would give anyone a reward for spotting one and sharing it with me.  

After looking around the (church in Ortega) and seeing the Greek Columns still in place from 500 BC and hearing about the changes made in this structure over the years as Sicily came under different rulers I had a new appreciation for the Original. You could still see the Greek Columns in the Church.

Todays 500


And so with the Cinquecento.  Today I drive a rebuild of the original.  Hard to say what is left from the original.  Perhaps nothing more than a spirit.  And for me it is the spirit of the vehicle that I like.  

At one point on the freeway from the window of the Tour bus I saw a Cinquecento that was painted in many different colors, obviously a form of advertising.  It looked to be in very good shape but I did not get a picture of it.

One other time I saw one but it was just for a moment and it looked its age, but still running.  I did not get a picture.  

I saw a lot of Fiats in Sicily and I saw the three that sell in the U.S, the 500, the 500L (four door), and the 500X the crossover.

The picture here is of an original printed on Papyrus paper.