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The Tooth

I originally thought this tooth story could be told with simply a before and after picture.  But then it seems not that simple In part because it happened over a long period of time, months.  So now a metal rod is buried in my jaw bone with a new tooth attached to it.  And while I didn’t see  the conspicuous space with no tooth for these many months, others have, especially my spouse.                     

What I realized early on was how quickly we make judgement on others based upon the appearance of their mouth.  A missing  front tooth seems to signal an intelligence deficiency, maybe even illiteracy.  And while we know, most of us, judging negatively a person based on skin color is wrong, what about the toothless?  I would argue, the absence of a tooth doesn’t indicate a lack of intelligence..   But with the new tooth I  returned from an illiterate bumpkin back to my mostly articulate self.