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The French Fry

Another big name here is Matson, a cargo shipper.  Everywhere on the Big Island we see Matson containers. We saw a Matson port on the northern tip of the island.  Fish and chips was/is a common restaurant entry.

I ate the frys and thought of their journey from Eastern Oregon, by truck or barge to the Port of Portland-longshoremen loading the contain-the “reefer” refrigerated container sailing to a port town here.  Another longshoreman in Hawaii unloads. It could be a port at a different island. We saw containers on barges coming by sea to Hilo. Once ashore the reefer is trucked to a food distribution center, where the frys are purchased by the restaurant. Then I order my meal, fish and chips, the potatoes are deep fried then brought to me on a plate. Ummmm.  

What is remarkable is that the fries taste good even after their long journey.