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Summer Newsletter 2019

On May 9th Gabriela and I grabbed a sunny afternoon at Cannon Beach, it was 85 degrees a record temperature for the day!  We returned to Cannon Beach the second week of August for a whole week, walking, food, a play and more.  It was a great week!

Haystack Rock

On May 14th I started a five week Memoir writing class..

The Community Garden will be a welcomed source of food and photos.

Electric Car Guest Drive on June 29th was a day with PGE my electric company and many electric car enthusiasts.

Kia Electric

Paula Farley (Cannarella) my half-sister and Dean her husband visiting Gabriela and I for a couple of days in mid-July.

Gabriela, Dean, Paula

The Portland Art Museum has a special exhibit “Paris 1900 Exhibit”. It was great!

Gabriela & Michael at Paris 1900 Exhibit

In the month of July I took a four week course on White Supremacy in Oregon.  The history is not pretty and you can still see the legacy in housing, the justice system, and how native Americans have been marginalized in Oregon.

Ku Klux Klan parade Ashland, Oregon.

Burial at Sea-On August 14th, David, Kathy, Gabriela and I took the ashes of Mom and Loris, my step-father to their final resting place in the Ocean.  Latitude 44 48 33 N  Longitude 125 05 19 W.

Dave, Kathy, Michael, Gabriela

The long weekend in San Francisco was full of activity.