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Streetcar Mobile Music Festival

The mobile music Festival happened on October 7th.  What is it?  Bands and music groups board and play on the Portland Streetcar.  Nine groups boarded the streetcar over a two hour period and rode around the route, singing, playing, entertaining as the streetcar make it’s circular route.

I was on two of the trains, with performers Powerhaus & Cave Cricket and The Likely Stories.  

Hear the Likely Stories here on youtube:

There was excitement; a inebriated, belligerent rider drinking beer from a 24 ounce container was forced to leave the streetcar after much discussion  (no open containers allowed) and then a man with a blood drenched cloth held at his head rode with us to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Nothing stopped the music!  Here is the Slideshow:

The mobile music festival is an annual event on the Portland Streetcar, this year was the eighth annual music event.  

It was great to see the riders reactions, the expressions on their faces, bands on a streetcar?  While the event was advertised, most people who got on the streetcar were not forewarned.  Among the groups were folks from Portland Opera, a barbershop quartet and many others.