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Tape Letter-5/26/17


Archival Material: “CRAZY JACK”

I anxiously awaited the income tax refund one year (circa 1970).  I had seen a new portable cassette tape recorder the TC-1010.  This was the follow up to the TC-50 much improved.  These were the predecessors to the very successful Sony Walkmen that Sony would launch in the late 1970’s.  The TC- 1010 was ordered from a New York electronic store even before I got the tax refund.  It cost around $200 dollars, a large sum for me at the time.  It’s arrival was greatly anticipated.

With the recorder hanging from a strap on my shoulder I ventured out and stepped on a bus heading downtown on Woodward Avenue.  This recording recorded that day is nearing fifty years old.  At a later date I added the music soundtrack.  This recording has always been called “Crazy Jack”


Senator Sanders-  “What are you afraid of?” The Senators rant on the Republican repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Naomi Klein:  We are all in this reality TV show.  Help!!