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Podcast #1 No Drama, no matter

Below are the chapters of the Podcast #1 “No Drama, No Matter”  Click on the bold type below to go to that chapter and the audio files for that chapter.

Why No Drama, No Matter?  This is the NEW reality show. Terrace House is a prime example of this new aesthetic.  Now reality as it really is, often boring and pedestrian but that which we are all familiar. This, a great place to look for the beauty and uniqueness in everyday life.  Enjoy.

Day in the Life

     Morning Coffee

     Morning Walk

“Streetcar of Desire”

     Portland’s A or B train

     I rode the SLUT in Seattle

     I rode the QLINE in Detroit.

The Score

     Excerpt from Tiger game

     Ichiro’s Homerun 

News of the Day

     5/26/17 Tape letter from the past with music interludes the Monk Processional Sambalele by Anat Cohen

Archival Material: Crazy Jack

Senator Sanders- “What are you afraid of?”

Naomi Klein Interview


     I am not your Negro