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Kona Coffee

We visited the Kona Coffee region and got a tour of Greenwell Farms.  The farm was established in 1850 by an Englishman. This is the Kona Coffee farm we visited almost twenty years ago when we were on the Big Island.  While on the tour I mentioned the new experimental coffee Mamo that is only grown at this farm. It has taken twenty years to develop, now in their fifth generation of beans, the grafting of two coffees.  The six of us on the tour got a taste test of the new coffee. It sells for $75 for 12 ounces!

The farm also grows bananas, peppercorns, papayas, several varieties of avocado.  No I didn’t buy the Mamo variety but I did buy some Kona coffee and a drink, an antitoxin that is made from the outer shell of the red cherry of the coffee bean.  While the Kona coast is very dry, at 1500 feet at the coffee farm they get on average forty five inches of rain a year, most often in the afternoon. Good for the coffee trees.  We were told that one fairly small tree produces fifteen pounds of coffee beans, but by the time it is processed it just produces about two pounds of coffee.