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Carnation Revolution

The bloodless revolution, the Coup happened on April 25, 1974.  The Portugese military deposed the long standing dictatorship established by António de Oliveira Salazar.  With the troops in the streets the day after the Coup it is said a flower peddler placed a carnation into the end of the rifle carried by the militiaman.  

While in Portugal, I learned that while the revolution was “bloodless”, the fall of the dictatorship created a lot of instability.

Before the revolution, land ownership was held by a small group of families. Land ownership in these families, in large estates went back generations. What we call today income inequity was the rule. The majority of people owned little or no land, merely working the land of the land owning families. 

In 1974 the Communist party was the most organized group and broke up these huge estates and gave the land to the people working the land. Many of the wealthy landowners stripped of their estates left Portugal for Brazil. Two years later, the Communist Party lost power and the large landowners had their land restored.  So 1974-76 were important years. We heard about this both at the Cork Farm and at a winery.