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2/14/00 Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day was another in store rally at Powells.  It was a day when community members and supporters were invited into the store.  There was singing, chanting and noise making.  I remember standing in the staircase with the megaphone leading the chants. 

“What do we want?  Contract!  When do we want it?  NOW,  

What do we want?  Contract!  When do we want it?  NOW”.  

While standing in the stairwell I remember one of the management team asking me to lower the volume which I ignored.  What I remember best that day was the bus ride, in the orange school bus to Michael Powell’s house.  The bus ride was after the in store rally.  We chartered a bus, filled it with people and drove to his house in South East Portland.  On the way, in the bus there was a lot of chatter, the bus was full.   It was a festive event on a cloudy damp day with some sprinkles.  

When we got to his house, everyone got out of the bus, stretched their legs.  We saw a few neighbors but no one was home at Michael Powell’s house.  We walked for a few minutes in the neighborhood, then got back in the bus which returned to the Burnside store.